Microbiological utilisation product for septic tanks and mini wastewater treatment stations.

Biolatrin® is a mixture of only natural ingredients. It’s unique, ecological formula causes biokatalytical growth of natural microorganisms responsible for degradation of organic matter in the place of their application. 

The product works immediately, it only needs regular, monthly application. It is very economical.

Normal application of household chemical products will not influence products effectiveness.

Main activities:   

  • Liquefying of organic matter     
  • Unblocking of drainage system in mini wastewater treatment stations and drainage septic tanks
  • Great improvement of conditions of life
  • Decreasing of sewage parameters – average by 55% – in cases when transported to a local sewage treatment statio


  • In a household and a farm
  • In septic tanks’ catchment area
  • In mini wastewater treatment stations
  • To enhance the work of canalizations system

The product is very safe for people, animals and natural environment. It is totally biodegradable.
The package is ecological and can be recycled.
It does not need REACH registration.