In industry we are forcing many threats related with surface contamination of the grounds, buildings, soil, water reservoirs etc. The contaminants can be various: from grease to antibiotic production.
Over the years of activity HANTPOL® is successively improving its biotechnological methods for  efficient, safe and economical solutions of most of those problems.

Remediation of the grounds
HANTPOL®’s knowledge of remediation of industrial and post-industrial areas is based on many years of experience. We would gladly help when there is a problem with contaminations  after technological breakdowns, long-lasting exploitation etc. Our natural bioremediation methods allow for remediation of ground contaminated by:

  • hydrocarbon products (oils, fuel, lubricants);
  • organic substances (production sludge from food processing, products of chemical synthesis, wastewater treatment station sediments after usage of flocculants);
  • heavy metals;
  • other specific for Clients activity.

Treatment of industrial area and buildings
Many production plants are being modernized and their production profile is being changed. Selling the area to a new owner often implies total reorganization. Reduction of contamination (heavy metals, hydrocarbon products, chemicals) is crucial for development of all industrial areas. This is also one of our priorities. Very often the contaminations are adsorbed
in building walls and only specific technological tools are able to solve this problem.


Treatment of the industrial water reservoirs content
Industrial water reservoirs are usually an integral part of wastewater treatment stations or technological lines with usage of closed water circulation. The pre-treatment is very important for wastewater management as it greatly improves the economics of treatment station.
Closing of water circulation is also very important for the natural environment.
Industrial reservoirs often have problems with sludge management. Also the correction of PH and the temperature of the water is important.  We offer unique technologies for reducing bottom sludge in anaerobic conditions.
Average time of works is a few months, often periodic for the year.