Wastewater management is a very important issue concerning the environmental protection.

Our years of experience in this matter allow us to take part in many specialized projects like:

Municipal waste:

Activated sludge restoration (different types):
Especially interesting is implementation of biotechnology in case of inactivation of biological layer by chemical poison, lack of oxygen, wrong parameters of the process. We deal with classical biological layer as well as on cross-linking plastic matrix.

Wastewater treatment station restart:
When the wastewater treatment station is stopped every day is very important. Introducing high biotechnology allows Your wastewater treatment station to restart in only 24 hours time, and to reach stability in 7 to 10 days! Off course every wwts has different parameters that can influence the time.

Improvement of selected parameters of wwts:

Often one of wwts parameters is out of norms. Introducing specially selected biotechnology helps to greatly improve
the situation.

A good example can be problem with reaching a certain COD level, when trace of hydrophobic substances is found in the flow, especially for work of aeration systems. Introducing specially blended bioproduct to the system will often allow to reach parameters’ level not reached before.

Industrial waste:

Removing specific contaminations: 
Similar to municipal treatment stations, after careful analysis of the situation, specially selected bioproducts are introduced to the wwts with usage of the most suitable dosing techniques. Very often it is necessary to monitor the sewage in order to automatically fit biotechnological parameters for temporary fluctuation of sewage composition. Our dosing technologies allow this kind of action.

Closing water circulation:This is a very important goal. After years of experience we are very successful in this area. The largest circulations, closed thanks to our technologies, are over 1,5 million m3 – this means eliminating huge amount of dropped sewage. This give our Clients very serious savings not only from fees but also from operational costs like energy.

For this kind of works good cooperation with plant management and long-term data analysis is necessary.

Support for wastewater treatment management:
Very important cost-saving source is careful watching of accurate oxygen level in wwts installation. Introducing bioproducts allow maintaining few times lower oxygen level than in wild, natural biological layer. Lower oxygen demand – less energy needed for aerators! and definitely lower exploitation costs. Usually bioproducts cost is not more than 5-7% of value of saved energy.